Welcome to Hideaways of Ti Bay Heights! I am looking for your questions. Somebody else may have already asked the same question here or will in the future, so don’t hesitate to comment. Thanks and we look forward to seeing you in Dominica!


12 thoughts on “FAQ’s

    1. Yes, passport is needed. A visa is required for long term visits. Check online with your Embassy or the US State Department, for Americans, to confirm that you know the official requirements for travel from your country of origin.

    1. At this time, the official HIDEAWAYS website does not accept credit card payments. Arrangements for credit card payments can be facilitated upon request but cash or international transfer such as Western Union or Money Gram is available.

    1. US Dollars are widely accepted but at the rate of $2.50 EC dollars instead of the official exchange rate of $2.67. You can easily exchange your USD in the banks here but it can be more convenient to withdrawal from an ATM which dispenses the local currency. Credit cards are accepted at some restaurants & shops but small, local businesses tend to be strictly cash.

    1. We are located just outside of Portsmouth, Dominica which is a leisurely 40 minute drive from the Atlantic coast of the east through the gorgeous countryside to the calm Caribbean Sea on the western side of the island. Vehicles are available for rent from the newly renamed Douglas Charles Airport or you can choose to take a local taxi or prearrange a pick up through us. We generally encourage visitors to rent the 4 x 4 jeeps to keep them continually mobile as they explore day or night!

    1. The average daily temperature in Dominica is 85° Fahrenheit dropping to low 70’s during the night. Dominica has retained nearly all of it’s natural vegetation and remains cool and breezy. Perfect summer weather, year round!

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